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Tourists have long been fascinated by borders, and Korea's is no exception 

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As food crisis threatens, humanitarian aid for North Korea grinds to a halt

“We are dismayed that, just as there is a thaw in U.S.-DPRK relations, the U.S. government is doubling down on sanctions, effectively shutting down the work of U.S. NGOs working on the ground,” said Linda Lewis, who runs AFSC’s agricultural projects there. The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official name. Lewis said when she applied for a special passport to travel to North Korea in October, it took her 10 days, but when she made a second request in May, she had to wait for 56 days. Lack of transparency and restricted access have long been a hurdle for relief workers in North Korea, even before international funding dried up under Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear and missile development. Nearly 20 international civic relief groups were active as of 2010, but that number has more than halved, according to aid workers operating in North Korea. Only a handful of mostly American NGOs now remain, complementing the work of the WHO, the U.N. Development Programme, U.N. World Food Program and UNICEF.

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China eases economic pressure on North Korea, undercutting the Trump admin

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shakes hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un But tourism has surged since June, after Air China resumed full service to North Korea and Beijing authorities lifted restrictions on travel tours, experts said. Passenger flights to the capital are regularly sold out and expanded train service must be booked at least two weeks in advance due to the high demand. The rise in visitors has caused delays for some tour groups at Chinese customs offices at the border and the North Koreans have struggled to mobilize tour guides to accommodate the thousands of tourists coming by train and plane, according to NK Pro and other analysts. North Korea has even opened a tourist office in Taiwan. Imported coal is seen lifted by cranes from a coal cargo ship at a port in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, China on July 26, 2018.China Stringer Network / Reuters file "Those tourists are a serious money-maker for North Korea, and also an important political signal," said Russel, now at the Asia Society Policy Institute. "It's a signal to anybody who has business interests with North Korea that there's plenty of room to maneuver now." Trump, who once boasted his talks with Kim had eliminated the regime's nuclear threat , complained last month that China was "not helping" with North Korea. His secretary of state, Mike Pompeo , and U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, have called on other countries to crack down on sanctions-busting, citing smuggling by sea and overland borders. "When sanctions are not enforced, the prospects for successful denuclearization are diminished," Pompeo said in July. But the administration has mostly steered clear of publicly condemning China, defended its diplomacy with Pyongyang as successful so far and played down the idea that the sanctions regime is unraveling. "We have not seen significant changes in the strength with which the international community is enforcing sanctions on North Korea," a U.S.

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